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My name is Sara. I spend my time dancing, reading and traveling. I am a huge cat fan and also love playing instrument. In my life I have traveled a lot (mostly in Asia), so my blogs will mainly be about my experiences around the world. I'm a strong-willed person but I am always open to new things. I belive in giving people second chances and that you can reach almost anything, if you try hard enough and most importantly really want it. I have many goals, which seem to change a lot, some however are consistant: It has always been my dream to have been in each continent once. I also believe in taking chances when you get the oppertunity, as it might never come again. I really hope you will enjoy reading my blogs!:)

Why I like traveling so much!

I have always loved traveling. This is not surprising, as my first plane ride took place when I was only 6 months old. In this text I would like to convince you that traveling, though often very expensive, is worth the money and effort. I remember my first long flight to Asia very well (I was 4 years old). I was scared and didn’t totally understand what was happening. But when I got out of the plane a new and very different world lay before me. From that moment on was hooked.  I wanted to see the world, wanted to visit the undiscovered. Continue reading Why I like traveling so much!

Are they really as domesticated as we think?

Cats, one of mankind’s favourite pets, but how much do we really know about them?

It is true that dogs were domesticated a long time before cats. Dogs have been people’s companions since the Stone Age. There are many different opinions on when cats were first domesticated. We find the first real proof of domestication in Egypt. One thing is certain though, the domestication of cats started once people began to settle. Due to the fact that cats hunted down the rodents that would otherwise have damaged the harvest, people accepted cats. Consequently… Continue reading Are they really as domesticated as we think?

My Life In Asia

“It would be nice to have the ability to speed up and slow down time. Somethings pass too quickly, while others drag and don’t seem to want to ever end.”

There was a time where I would have given a lot to press “the invisible pause button”, simply to stop the minutes from passing so quickly. One thing I can say for sure, is that boring is the wrong word to describe my life. It all began when we moved to Asia… Continue reading My Life In Asia