What does changing your style and coloring your hair have to do with personality?

The trend of coloring your hair has not been around for such a long time. In fact, it didn’t come into fashion until the 1980’s and it’s a topic, not spoken about too often nowadays anymore. If coloring your hair is not really a big issue because almost everyone does it, why do people really want to change their style or their hair color? Continue reading What does changing your style and coloring your hair have to do with personality?

“Dead Lesbian Syndrome” aka. “Bury Your Gays”

Many people would argue that queer representation on TV has improved a lot over the last few years. And it has. There is no denying that there are more non-straight characters on TV now than there were thirty years ago. But it isn’t as great as it is painted to be.

Since 1976, 11% of series on TV have had a lesbian or bisexual character, and of those, 65% have had a deceased queer character. 31% of lesbian characters no longer on TV have died and only 11% of those have had a happy ending. This phenomenon has a name: Dead Lesbian Syndrome. Continue reading “Dead Lesbian Syndrome” aka. “Bury Your Gays”

What happened to Formula 1?

On the 20th of March the Formula 1 season 2016 started. Ten years ago everybody would have gotten up at 6am on Sunday to watch the first race of the season. But today nobody talks about F1 anymore. The TV ratings have fallen drastically over the last years. But why is that so? Let`s talk about some possible reasons!

An obvious reason is that the two Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have dominated the scenes over the last 2 years. There is no tension over who will win a race or who will be the world champion, because it`s already clear anyway that one of the Mercedes drivers will win.

Another reason is that the F1 has transitioned away from a driver against driver competition to a competition about who has the fastest car and the best engineers. The people want to see wheel banging, impact between drivers, and want the best driver to be world champion and not the team which has the best car.

F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone has spoken about revolutionizing the sport for the last few years but nothing has happened. The Grand Prix organizers can`t afford Ecclestone`s high financial conditions because there are fewer and fewer people coming to races. If nothing changes many F1 teams will go bankrupt and soon Formula 1 will become extinct.

American Football in Austria

Have you ever wondered if there are football leagues in other regions like Europe? Well the answer is  yes. For instance in Austria, it`s called the Austrian Football League (AFL) and I’m going to tell you a little bit about it.

Teams in the AFL. In the AFL there are 8 teams: The Graz Giants, the Vienna Vikings, the Danube Dragons, the Swarco Tirol Raiders, the Prague Black Panthers, the Mödling Rangers, the Blue Devils and the Ljubljana Silver Hawks. As you can see,  half of the AFL consists of Austrian teams, while the remaining teams come from Poland or other Countries. The Vienna Vikings dominated the AFL in the last couple of years, but there are two teams uprising right now, the Graz Giants and the Swarco Raiders. Both teams won every game till now and it looks like it will stay like that for some time. Continue reading American Football in Austria

Do You Believe in an Afterlife?

Do You Believe in an Afterlife?

Have you ever thought about what happens to us after we die? When we discussed the afterlife as a topic in religious education, I was so into it. I did a lot of research on my own and even bought a book about this topic.

When I was little I used to believe that when you die you go to heaven, because this is what my parents and grandparents told me and yours probably, too. When I was about 10-13 I didn’t believe that anymore because it didn’t sound realistic to me at all. Continue reading Do You Believe in an Afterlife?

Why you should stretch

Some people think that stretching before or after sport is absolutely pointless, while others  might think that stretching is  compulsory. There are people who think holding a stretch for just a few seconds is already enough and some just stretch because they want to prevent sore muscles. It turns out that when and how you stretch can make or break your fitness/flexibility goals.

Why should I actually stretch?

Hmm – good question – why should you stretch? Well, there are many reasons stretching has a positive influence on your fitness, your performance, your energy and of course your flexibility. Continue reading Why you should stretch

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