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Playing Fifa

Today I want to tell you about something I really like to do in my free time: Fifa. You don´t like to play it, well here are some reasons why you should!

To start off, I want to talk about the social aspect of playing Fifa. It just brings people together. If you play football you have also most probably heard or played Fifa. Via the internet you can connect yourself with your friends and play together. You can meet up after school and have a good time with them and the game.

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The miracle of Leicester City

It just sounds like a miracle, a football miracle has just been written Leicester City have actually won the Barclay Premier League (BPL), which is the top English football league.

They were just promoted to the BPL 2 years ago and last year they were lucky that they weren’t relegated to the 2nd league. Founded in 1884, and finally in 2016 they are for the first time BPL champions. Up until now the club has never been very successful; they had little money so less success than other clubs which is how modern football works. However, they’ve now proven otherwise, by just playing good football. The bet rates were 5000:1 at the beginning of this season, it even was more likely that Kim Kardashian would become president of the United States of America. The 3 biggest betting companies had to give more than 7 million euros to the lucky guys who put money on Leicester at the start of the season.

If we look at the amount of money all the players of Leicester are worth and compare it to clubs like the 2 Manchester Clubs, Arsenal or the champions of last year, Chelsea FC it gets insane. Leicester´s players are worth 127 million euros and Chelsea 500 million euros. So there is no surprise many people say their BPL title was “earned not bought”.