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Hello. I´m 15 years old. I´m a fan of ice cream. Recently I´ve been interested in fair trade a lot. My hobbies include playing volleyball and spending time with my friends. Once during playing activity I had to mime lactose intolerant. I like singing, but mostly to myself. :)

Exchange Trips: My trip to France

In my school, we do an exchange every year of upper school. They are usually a week long. Every student is assigned an exchange student, with whom they will have to be staying. Depending on the host families and students, a trip can turn out good or bad. This makes it a very important decision, but it´s usually difficult to choose someone out of a group of people you don´t know.

The main reason these exchanges are organized is to give us students the chance to speak the language we learn with people who actually speak it as their mother tongue. It´s a great opportunity to see for yourself how well you can communicate in another language. Continue reading Exchange Trips: My trip to France

Remember Harry Potter?


This is going to be a blog about Harry Potter, because that is a topic I know a lot about.

First a short summary: Harry Potter is a young boy, who grew up with the Dursleys, his aunt´s family who hate all sorts of abnormalities. On his 12th birthday a half-giant called Hagrid reveals that Harry has been accepted into the Hogwarts School for wizardry and witchcraft. He also tells him that the evil wizard Voldemort killed his parents, but when he tried to cast a spell on Harry as a baby the spell was deflected. After that Voldemort vanished. Continue reading Remember Harry Potter?