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I live in Austria. I like sports and games.

At what age should children have their own smartphones?

I think that a mobile phone can be practical since it allows kids to call their parents, but at a young age it could be better to have a more basic phone without internet. This would prevent them from spending all their time on their phones playing games, which could have a negative effect on them. Especially at a young age I think it would be very bad for them to spend all their time on the phone instead of doing sports, schoolwork or meeting up with their friends. A big problem is the fact that there are always young kids with smartphones and this will make other kids also want phones in order to fit in. However, a phone is not necessary in order to fit in and I think it is important for kids to learn not to care too much about what others think. So I think the appropriate age is around 12 years depending on the kid.

Does School prepare you for real life?

I have decided to write about what I think is a very interesting topic namely: Does school prepare you for real life?

In a way both yes and no. In school you learn many things, not just stuff like languages, maths, history, etc., but you also learn to deal with stress, people of authority who you may or may not like, and to do tasks even though they may seem boring or pointless. While you would hope to get a job that isn´t boring and that you like, you will almost certainly be faced with at least some of these problems. So you do learn a lot for the real world but on the other hand there will still be a lot that school won´t  prepare you for. You may find yourself needing subjects later in life that school did not cover. Continue reading Does School prepare you for real life?