The Positive and Mental Effects of Sport

Most of the effects of sport that are known by everyone are the physical effects like that doing sports toughens you. It prevents weight gain which means that the body fat is lowered by burning calories, it improves the cholesterol levels, it reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes. The more relevant facts are that doing sport improves the quality of sleep, increases one’s life expectancy and strengthens muscles and bones.

But there are very many emotional effects too. Lots of people say that sports can help against depressions because especially team sports can give you the feeling of belonging. Personally, I can really recommend doing team sports because it gives you a whole new social field, which means that if you don’t have particularly many friends you can have a total other social field. Generally, it also really improves one’s self-esteem and gives you a feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment. Because while doing sport the brain releases endorphins which leads to stress relief. I personally noticed that doing sports gives me much more energy and that it motivates you. I am actually never in a bad mood and also when I am, I know that I’ll feel much better after training.


The things I like most about doing sports is that it is a totally different world to me, with people I really love and that are exactly like I am. I really love training because it’s always fun and it doesn’t even matter how bad my day was, training is always the highlight of my day. I invest a lot of time in training but it is totally worth it. I really don’t understand how people can’t do any sports, because if I didn’t do sports I wouldn’t have half of my friends and I wouldn’t have anything to feel passionate about.

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