Why listening to music can improve your performance in school

Today I want to talk about a really hot topic, which has been going through my mind for ages. I think that listening to music is necessary and very important for a relaxed life.

Listening to music carries many important aspects. It can calm you down before a test, or you can improve your mood when you’re sad by listening to happy music or music can get you pumped up, for example before an important match/game.

I want to encourage you to try it yourself, if you haven’t tried it by now!

Coming back to the topic of my headline, I think music can have a big influence on your performance in school. Generally speaking, students are always stressed out before a test in school. Indeed, they’re often studying until deep in the night, which is not good. What I do myself in these situations, and what I want you to try too, is just to stop studying, and trying to remember what you’ve learned so far and calm down. Switch on some music and relax!

Apart from reliving stress, I believe that music can do a lot with your body. As I’ve already mentioned in the beginning it can get you pumped up or it can calm you down. So it depends very much on what kind of music you listen to. Maybe it isn’t too smart to listen to “Rock Music” before an important test, but if it helps you to stay focused, you might as well do it. What I want to say is that you’ve to listen to the right kind of music. Chose your style, which you like and it will surely help you.

To summarize, I am convinced that music can have a lot of influence on your life and that you can even improve your grades by listening to music.

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