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Today many people all around the world are vegetarians. In the last few years the number of vegetarians has increased enormously. In Austria aroun
d 2% of the population lives vegetarian, and 13% of students exclude meat from their diet. I for myself have always enjoyed eating meat, therefore it was even harder for me to let go of it. In this blog entry I want to share some of my personal experiences and give some tips on how to become a vegetarian.

I’ve always eaten meat,
and I’ve algmiasways enjoyed it. However, this February I decided to change my diet rapidly. I became a vegetarian overnight.
In the last few years I always tried not to eat meat during lend, but this year I wanted to stay “Veggie”. Another reason for my sudden change was that I felt that meat was not doing any good to my health. I realized that every time I ate meat I felt a weird felling afterwards. It felt as if something constantly tried to drag me down, I felt tired and unenergetic. Therefore I came to the conclusion that living as a vegetarian (for a while) would help me regain my fitness.
The first days were the hardest, however, I stayed strong.

“What do you eat for dinner?” was one of the most common questions. But to be honest, it wasn’t that big of a deal to find vegetarian alternatives. Once the first weeks were over, I realized that I didn’t miss meat at all. I actually enjoyed my life without it. I felt way more energetic than ever before.

Concerning my diet, I mainly focused on vegetables, different grains and eggs. I know many people associate “veggie” food with tofu. However, from my point of view tofu and soy products in general are not a proper alternative. Often soy beans are grown in huge plantations somewhere in South America or Asia. The destroyed rainforest and long ways of transportation a bitter connotation. Moreover, I don’t like the taste of it.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to forget about meat.
First of all avoid eating fast food. Often the temptation is too big and you cannot resist that bacon burger anymore. Especially during the first weeks you should prepare food yourself and not buy it on the way. However, if you do want to go out to eat something, vegetarian restaurants are gaining in popularity all around the world. I live in a pretty small town, but even here in Graz we have several vegetarian restaurants. For example: Mangold, Gingko, Café Erde…

If you follow these simple tips everybody can become vegetarian.
Although I’m not a 100% vegetarian, I try to exclude meat as much as possible and I still enjoy eating and especially cooking vegetarian. In my opinion two or three meat-free days a week are indeed very beneficial to your health and your body.

Selfie Mania

Selfies, everybody knows them. I think it’s fair to say that each and everyone of you out there has taken at least one selfie once in your lifetime, am I right? Some of you might take a selfie once a week (or even once a month) and others of you might take hundreds a day. In the last few years selfies have become quite popular and as you may know the word itself has been chosen as the “Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year” in 2013. Continue reading Selfie Mania

The best vacation of your life

Today I’m going to tell you about all the benefits of a cruise. I was on a cruise once in my life and am planning on going on one this summer again. It was the best vacation I’ve ever had.

First of all, many people are scared to go on a cruise because they are afraid that the ship might sink. That’s absolute nonsense. Think about it… How many accidents happen involving cars daily and how often do you hear of an accident on a cruise ship? See? You don’t need to worry about this just because the Titanic sank. And anyway, something horrible could happen at any time, no mater if you’re at home or on vacation. Continue reading The best vacation of your life

Can you see time?

As you might have learned from my first post, I like spending time on the Internet, especially on YouTube. As I was scrolling through ‘Popular on YouTube’ recently, a video called ‘Can you hear colors?’ from ‘Good Mythical Morning’ caught my attention. That’s how I found out about the phenomena called synesthesia.

Synesthesia is when one sense is automatically connected to another in your brain. For example when you hear the word ‘book’, you taste chicken, or when you see the number 3, you think of it as green. Only 1 in 2000 people have synesthesia and they are mostly women and left-handed. There are about 60 different types of synesthesia, but only a few cases could be well studied by scientists and doctors. Continue reading Can you see time?


What does veganism mean?

Veganism is an attitude, ideology and a way of living that rejects the exploitation of and the harm to animals. This means that vegans (the people who practice veganism) do not eat any animal-derived products (for example: milk, eggs, honey, butter, meat…) Not only do vegans avoid eating animal-derived products, but they also renounce such things as: leather, fur, cosmetic products that were tested on animals or contain any animal products or even companies that support animal-testing or sponsor other companies that make animal-testing. Some vegans even reject to use such things as candles (because they are made out of beeswax). Continue reading Veganism

“Dead Lesbian Syndrome” aka. “Bury Your Gays”

Many people would argue that queer representation on TV has improved a lot over the last few years. And it has. There is no denying that there are more non-straight characters on TV now than there were thirty years ago. But it isn’t as great as it is painted to be.

Since 1976, 11% of series on TV have had a lesbian or bisexual character, and of those, 65% have had a deceased queer character. 31% of lesbian characters no longer on TV have died and only 11% of those have had a happy ending. This phenomenon has a name: Dead Lesbian Syndrome. Continue reading “Dead Lesbian Syndrome” aka. “Bury Your Gays”

How I learned to love myself? Vegan Lifestyle

I have always loved writing, but only in my notebook where I was the only person allowed to read these texts. Now I have the opportunity to write about a topic, which is important to me, with people who have the same interests as me. They will join and read what I think. Ops, what we think.

You are probably asking yourself: “Why is she so motivated?” or “Can’t she finally say what she is writing about?”. So, here it is: Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyles. Believe me or not, this is a topic that I haven’t been able to get out of my head for half a year now. Let me tell you what I know and what I have experienced. Continue reading How I learned to love myself? Vegan Lifestyle