What does veganism mean?

Veganism is an attitude, ideology and a way of living that rejects the exploitation of and the harm to animals. This means that vegans (the people who practice veganism) do not eat any animal-derived products (for example: milk, eggs, honey, butter, meat…) Not only do vegans avoid eating animal-derived products, but they also renounce such things as: leather, fur, cosmetic products that were tested on animals or contain any animal products or even companies that support animal-testing or sponsor other companies that make animal-testing. Some vegans even reject to use such things as candles (because they are made out of beeswax).

What are reasons for being vegan?

There are many different reasons why people are vegans. Some people become vegan because they want to lose weight, others are simply intolerant towards animal-products. Some practice veganism because it is actually really healthy and follow veganism because of medical reasons. Another common reasons why people become vegan are ethical, religious and ecological ones.


  1. The amount of water that is used to make a hamburger corresponds to the amount of water that we consume in 2 months by showering.
  1. Livestock farming is responsible for 65 % of the Nitrous Oxide Emissions.
  1. To feed meat-eaters 18 times more land is needed than to feed vegans.
  1. Livestock farming has 91 % of the Amazon Basin on their conscience.
  1. The meat that you buy in the supermarket is often contaminated by hormones and medication.
  1. Humans are omnivores which basically means that we do not necessarily need meat to survive – other than carnivores who do need meat.
  1. Several studies show that a plant-based diet increases the body’s metabolism, causing the body to burn calories up to 16% faster than the body would on a meat-based diet for at least the first 3 hours after meals.

What are advantages and disadvantages of veganism?


  • Loss in spontaneity – in daily life it can easily become complicated to find food/snacks in town or at a friend etc.
  • More expensive
  • Time-consuming
  • As a vegan you are limited with the food – it depends on the person! If one is motivated to learn cooking vegan meals and in learning how to cook vegan meals it is not hard at all. Nowadays we have plenty of alternatives, so you can basically cook almost everything.
  • Vegans often have an iron deficiency, a calcium deficiency, a vitamin B12 and a vitamin D deficiency.


  • It is proven that a vegan nutrition has a positive impact on one´s health, decreases the cholesterol level and is even effective against puberty acne.
  • Consciously-living vegans are usually well-nourished and in a better physical, mental and spiritual condition than omnivores.
  • Low-calorie nutrition
  • Better body hygiene – Animal products are more difficult to digest. As a result, toxins and acids are produced that are difficult to excrete. This is done through the skin and the urine.
  • Statistics show that vegans live longer and that their risk to get diabetes, cancer, strokes and heart attacks is lower than of the non-vegans.

Closing Words

It makes completely sense that in his development the human being was hunting and consuming animals to have a balanced nutrition. But nowadays, it is not just unnecessary but also harmful. A vegan nutrition is very healthy and you are lacking nothing if you do it right! And it is easier than everyone thinks. Just think about it. Humans are the only living things that drink the breast milk of another living thing. Just think about it. Isn´t it weird? Meat is a luxury product that harms you more than the taste could ever justify. We are the most developed species on this planet and we should support animals, respect them instead of eating them, enslaving them, exploiting them and suppressing them. This is my opinion and I know that it is a free country and that everyone is allowed to do whatever he wants to do but I hope I encouraged you to think about your actions. I just want you to become aware of what you are eating and what you have on your conscience. Thank you.



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