Should I Go Vegan?

More and more people are starting to live the vegan lifestyle but is it just a trend or healthy? I thought about this a lot when my sister started to eat vegan one year ago. I know for me that eating no meat is possible, but living without cheese, yogurt, eggs, cakes and all those delicious things is hard.

In the news you read that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Brad Pitt are vegan and that it is the number one healthy lifestyle. But is it true and should I follow this trend? Opinions are split. Many people say that living vegan or vegetarian is unhealthy and that you need to eat meat and dairy products because otherwise your body won´t have all the vitamins and substances that it needs, but that´s not true. You can be vegan and your body can have everything it needs at the same time. Fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains are all very healthy. They will give you energy, vitamins, proteins and everything you need, meat couldn’t have done any better.

I think you just have to be convinced by something and well informed in order to do it, same with living vegan. As I said before my sister is vegan and I know from her experience that it can be hard. I can tell you it would be a challenge for me to live without animal products.

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