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Hello my name is Salomé and I want to share my opinion, beliefs and knowledge with YOU! My future blog entries will cover the topics: food, fashion, lifestyle and my beliefs. I believe in equality between women & men, black & white, animals & humans, equality between everyone. I believe in love, in education, in me and YES, I believe in YOU!


Today, I want to talk about the topic „bullying” because I think it is a very important one and I want you all to understand what problems it can cause and I want to motivate you to fight against this enormous problem.

I´m pretty sure that all of you know what bullying is, so I think there is no need to explain it. I for myself experienced a lot of bullying in primary school. Until now I still don´t know why I was bullied. After two years I decided to change school. In the new school everything went fine for me, I was even popular and I had a lot of friends. I was not the one who got bullied anymore, but there was this other girl called Selina who had to go through hell. As stupid as I was, I did not even try to help her or to be friends with her, no I was one of the bullies. I knew what it felt like to bullied, what pain and struggle it is but I was afraid that it could happen to me again so I followed the crowd. Now I regret what I did, I really do! My message after all these experiences is to treat people the way you want to be treated yourself. Continue reading Bullying

Death Penalty

First, I want to give you some basic information about death penalty and afterwards I will give you my personal opinion.

The death penalty, also called capital punishment, is when a government or state executes someone, because they have committed a serious crime. Executions have become rarer in recent years but still a third of the world´s countries have laws that allow capital punishment (e.g Japan, China, Iran, United States, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, India, Singapur, Indonesia, Thailand etc.) Continue reading Death Penalty


What does veganism mean?

Veganism is an attitude, ideology and a way of living that rejects the exploitation of and the harm to animals. This means that vegans (the people who practice veganism) do not eat any animal-derived products (for example: milk, eggs, honey, butter, meat…) Not only do vegans avoid eating animal-derived products, but they also renounce such things as: leather, fur, cosmetic products that were tested on animals or contain any animal products or even companies that support animal-testing or sponsor other companies that make animal-testing. Some vegans even reject to use such things as candles (because they are made out of beeswax). Continue reading Veganism