An open letter to the American President

Dear Mister President,

These are not only the first three words of my blog post. It’s also the three first words and the title of a song written by the singer Pink. I might say that her, in my opinion critical song, which was an open letter to former US President George W. Bush, inspired me a bit. It got me thinking that an open letter to you dear Mister President, would be perfect.

Well first of all, dear Mister President, I am sorry for you. If I were you I wouldn’t feel like a real president. You must face the truth more people voted for your opponent than for you, dear Mister President. More people wished to see another person living in the White House. Less people wanted to be stuck with you, dear Mister president for the next four years.  Continue reading An open letter to the American President

Stressful times

For most of us the top source of stress is school. We spend half of our day in school or executing exercises for school so no wonder that school has a strong impact on our lives and that we think and worry a lot about school. It is pretty stressful for many students; all the tests, quizzes, homework tasks and studying…We worry a lot about our grades. Even if not everyone has high expectations on one selves, everyone has to achieve a certain grade.  Continue reading Stressful times

“What We have done to our Planet is Criminal”

I have often heard sentences like that and I am sure you have too, but as it is generally known, it is always easier to complain about things, rather than to actually do something about them Especially concerning Global Warming or Climate Change, whatever you want to call it. Global Warming is without a doubt a major issue for all of us, and not only for those who are currently witnessing it. Because no matter if you want it or not, we are all part of this world and we ought to prevent it from falling apart. Continue reading “What We have done to our Planet is Criminal”

Austrian lakes to travel to in summer

I personally love Austrian lakes, because for me, they replace the sea. It is cheap going there, and almost always really close. Whenever me and my family don´t know where to go on vacation, we always travel to an Austrian lake. Here are some of the lakes me and my family like alot:

Greenlake – Styria

Close to a little village called Tragöß, there is a really famous lake called “Green lake”. The name fits perfect, because the lakes water is a dynamic green color. The lake is created from the melting snow from the Karst mountains, that´s why the temperature of the lake is constantly cold, even in summer. Anyhow, the lake is extremely famous. Especially because it offers scuba diving in the lake with a guide and a wet suit to resist the cold.   Continue reading Austrian lakes to travel to in summer

What we think and what we do…