Noisy Neighbors are just annoying!

Do you like pure silence? I do! But I am not having it at home, because my new neighbors are very noisy

All started as we moved in our dream-house on the outskirts of our favorite city Vienna. It is a huge house with a nice yard and a pretty good location with a lot of infrastructure. We have our dream kitchen there. So, we can cook together. Further we have a huge chill area outside, were everyone of our family can sit in the summer and enjoy nice BBQ cooked by my father.

I mean hopefully we will enjoy. Because at the moment we are not able to enjoy anything. Our neighbors are just noisy all the time without even a single break. They always arguing and shouting and yelling at each other for no reason.

I am not feeling very good about it because they have a little child, which hears everything they talk about and there are a lot of very strong swear words. I feel very sorry for him because he has no one he can talk to. Sometimes they scream that loud at each other that I can’t concentrate doing my homework so I decided to come over and ask them if they could be quiet but then they screamed at me.

So, what do you think I can do against them? Should I even call the police? Or will they say that everyone is having a argument sometimes? Let’s keep the conversation going and answer me please.