Nosie neighbours

Do you want to live in the silence? Well, I do but my neighbors are very loud.

I moved with my parents in my dream house its more like in an urban area. So that you can get to the city in like 15 minutes by car. It hasn’t got the down sides of an apartment in the city like high prices for living space, that its always loud or the the air isn’t so good because of the many cars and most of the time you don’t even have a garden. My new house is mostly built out of wood and I really like it. It also has a really big garden with a nice swimming pool and an outdoor kitchen with a nice sauna to relax. Inside there is a nice long hallway that faces directly to the garden. In there I have five bedrooms and five en suite bathrooms as well as a big kitchen a nice living room and an awesome cinema for 20 persons.

The neighbors are really nosy especially in the early in the morning and late at night. For example, they let their loud barking dog at 6 o’clock or they have party at their place until late at night.

I don’t want to be the bad the bad neighbor who calls the police on them but I often said to them that they should keep the noise down but it just helpt for like a week and then it went back to normal. What should I do now in my situation?