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My new home! 

Do you love your home? I do not! I mean I like the house we are living in but not the people there.  

At first I will describe our new house to you. We have a big garden and also two big balconies with a pool and so much space for flowers and to play something in the garden like volleyball. Inside the house everything is beige and white, because this are the favorite colours of me and my mom. We have three big bedrooms, one for me, one for my parents and one for friends, if they want to stay at our house. We have a big kitchen, wich is really my dream kitchen. And then we have to bathrooms and also a big workspace for my dad, becaus he works from home most of the time. 

So all of this sounds pretty perfect, but one thing is really sad. We hate our Neighbours. The people we are living next door with are so mean and noisy. Last week I couldn’t sleep three days in row because they played music so late in the evening. So, my dad went to them, but they didn’t open the door. We have seen them at least two times in the last month we are already living here. And when we spoke to them, they were very mean every time. 

So, my opinion about this situation is that if it is not getting better, we really must do something. We also must go to the police I do not really know at this point. 

But what is your opinion about our living situation, please answer.