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Hello my name is Hannah and I am from Austria. I like swimming and meeting my friends. I am really interested in sports especially in swimming and I never wrote a blog before. So I am not really sure what people are interested in but I will try to write about swimming and also about sports in common. I hope you are going to like my texts which are going to be online soon.

Rapid Language Learning

Hey guys!

Over the last few days, I have done a lot of research on the internet. I found an interesting topic to write about in my next blog, and, yeah, I decided to write about “Rapid Language Learning.”

This might be a topic that you face in your everyday life. You are sitting in school, it might be a Spanish lesson or a French lesson, and you don`t understand a single word the teacher is saying. For some people, it`s easier to learn languages, and for others it`s more difficult. In the post, you will find a few tips for improving you foreign language, in just a few months. Continue reading Rapid Language Learning

Heli-Skiing and Ice-Climbing








Hey guys! Today I’m writing my first blog entry and it’s about heli-skiing and ice-climbing. I read about it on the internet and must say that it sounds really awesome. Heli-skiing, also called helicopter skiing, is a type of free-riding, which involves a helicopter to access remote areas and slopes of powder snow.

Heli-skiing is actually nothing you would do for family-holidays. It’s more like an adventure trip for adults, because you have to be over the age of 19. You also have to be a good skier in order to get the permission to try heli-skiing.

I was thinking about the major consequences that would happen if everyone tried an experience like heli-skiing. My main point is that everyone can ski on slopes with no experience, but let us say that heli-skiing becomes a cool trend, then these untouched slopes will be as crowded as the normal ones. Continue reading Heli-Skiing and Ice-Climbing