Heli-Skiing and Ice-Climbing








Hey guys! Today I’m writing my first blog entry and it’s about heli-skiing and ice-climbing. I read about it on the internet and must say that it sounds really awesome. Heli-skiing, also called helicopter skiing, is a type of free-riding, which involves a helicopter to access remote areas and slopes of powder snow.

Heli-skiing is actually nothing you would do for family-holidays. It’s more like an adventure trip for adults, because you have to be over the age of 19. You also have to be a good skier in order to get the permission to try heli-skiing.

I was thinking about the major consequences that would happen if everyone tried an experience like heli-skiing. My main point is that everyone can ski on slopes with no experience, but let us say that heli-skiing becomes a cool trend, then these untouched slopes will be as crowded as the normal ones.

Especially in a time where global warming plays such a big role, one shouldn’t just take a helicopter ride to go skiing. People should enjoy good ski resorts even though the slopes might be crowded, at least it wouldn’t have such a huge impact on our climate.

A good and very adventurous alternative to heli-skiing would be ice-climbing, which is becoming more and more popular. It’s not very expensive and you will certainly have a great experience climbing up frozen waterfalls. Yes, it might sound dangerous, but the guides know what to do and how safe it is. As a beginner you are not even allowed to do it by your own.

So if you are not sure what to do in your next holidays you maybe want to try out the new trend. And keep in mind that nature won’t be affected at all!

Feel free to share your opinions on these trends in the comments section!!!

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