European Aquatics Championships London 2016 swimming

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Today I´m writing my second blog and as I have already informed you, I like to write about sports, so this blog is going to be about swimming. More specifically about the European Aquatics Championships 2016, which took place in London. These championships are a competition where the best swimmers from all over Europe meet to see what rank they are.
I`m really interested in swimming, because I practice swimming myself for 10 years now and it became part of my life and one of my biggest goals is it to take part at the European Aquatics Championships one day. So I hope you enjoy reading the text how the Games went this year:

The European Aquatics Championships started on the 9th of May and ended on Sunday 22nd. Austria also took part this year and decided on 19 swimmers to go to London. Nine girls and ten boys were allowed to go to the championships. For the Austrians it didn’t go that well this year. Only two swimmers made it into the finals. One time Felix Auböck missed the third place just a few hundredths in the 400m free and Caroline Pilhatsch got into the finals with 100m backstroke. She also missed out on the finals in 50 back by two hundredths but this was also a new Austrian record for Pilhatsch who is only 17 years. She is one of the big talents in Austria who also won the European Games in Baku in 2015 in 50 back and got on the second place in 50 butterfly. She may start in Rio in the Olympic Games 2016 in 100 back. The rest of the Austrian swimmers reached the semi-finals which decide if a swimmer can start in the finals. Unfortunately, no member of the Austrian team, besides Auböck and Pilhatsch, was able to reach the finals though.

On the 25th of May, the European Aquatics Championships 2016 start, but this time for the Masters. These are the swimmers who are older, most of the time it starts at 40 years, but they also can be younger down to 25, and they are not good enough anymore to swim in the European Aquatics. There are also some swimmers who start for Austria in London. One of them is Susanne Maierhofer, who is a world champion and also won European and Austrian Championships several times.
I know all the swimmers I mentioned personally, but Susanne Maierhofer also swims in my swim team and I talk to her very often and I really have to say that she fights herself through every race and that she is a very good swimmer who really has deserved to go to these Games.

We hope that Austria is going to do well in the European Aquatics Championships London 2016 and wish them good luck.

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