Visiting Camp Nou

No trip to Barcelona is complete without visting Camp Nou. At some point of your life you have to visit Camp Nou, especially as a soccer fan.
The Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona is the biggest soccer stadium in Europe and has a capacity of about 100.000 people. From the outside the stadium does not look as big as it actually is. That’s because the football pitch in the staduim is lower than the surrounding ground. Nevertheless, it looks really big from the outside.
Why is it so important to buy tickets really early?  First of all, you need to know that the stadium is sold out really quickly, even if the capacity of the stadium is huge. Moreover, the tickets are really expensive compared to other stadiums. The cheapest category sells for 55€, but it goes up to 750€ or even more expensive. Secondly, you definitely need to purchase the tickets at least 3-4 month before the actual game. Of course you can buy the tickets a week before the game, but you will most probably not be able to buy seats next to each other.
The best feeling of all sports stadiums in Europe
The feeling in Camp Nou is one of the best in Europe, if not the best. First of all, there are no hooligans in the stadium, who light fireworks and smoke bombs during the game, which not only disturbs the players, but also the visitors of the stadium. Furthermore, those smoke bombs and fireworks are illegal and dangerous.
Moreover, the player who scores the goal gets not so important, because in Camp Nou the whole team is important. Furthermore, you are closer to the pitch and the players than in Austria, which increases the good feeling. It is really cool and nice that, for example, Lionel Messi or Neymar Jr. play only a few meters away from you.
The security controls are not really strict, but why?
Firstly, the security controls in Austria are really strict. For example, you are not allowed to enter with a big umbrella nor with a GoPro stick. In Camp Nou the security controls are not really strict, for example, I was able to enter with the things mentioned above. It is not quite clear to my why there are so little controls, because of the recent terror attacks. For example, a few weeks ago a match in Manchester had to be cancelled, because a suitcase with a bomb was found in the stadium. If something would happen, for example, terror attacks in the stadium it would be horrible. There are about 100.000 people, who could be affected. It is a high risk to have so little controls, but there has never happened anything like this in the stadium before. So maybe they trust the visitors, that they don’t bring anything illegal to the stadium.
All in all, I have to say that you have to visit the stadium when you are in Barcelona. You will not regret the money you spend on the tickets, after seeing a match.

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