The 10 best Android Apps of 2016

Here I have collected all the apps, which I think are worth downloading. I use all of them by myself and really like them. They are all free with the exception that some have a pro version(Nova Launcher Prime,  Zooper Widget Pro…). I only use the pro version of Nova Launcher and have never needed more.

1. Nova Launcher (prime)
Nova Launcher is one of the best Launchers for Android. With it you can customize every little detail of your Homescreen, to truly make it your very own. If you buy the prime version, you can change even more.

2. Zooper Widget
With Zooper Widget you can make you very own Widgets. You can choose the position of everything. It offers endless combinations and you can even download templates made by other users and edit them to your liking. Paired with Nova Launcher you can create incredible designs.

3. Strava
Strava is the perfect choice for every Athlete. You can track your distance while running, cycling and almost all sports you can think of. Afterwards you can analyze the collected data such as distance, time, speed, height and more. You also have clubs, which show all the activities of other users and motivate you to continue. Also available for IOS.

4. Wxllpaper
Wxllpaper offers beautiful high quality wallpapers regularly. To this day they have already uploaded 359 wallpapers just waiting for you to use.

5. Google Photos
Google Photos is the perfect way to backup and look at all your photos from many devices. If you don’t mind a little decrease in file size for big photos it offers unlimited space for pictures and videos. If you want to upload the original photo with no loss, this is also possible by using your google drive storage. Also available for IOS.

6. Moonshine Icon Pack
This icon pack is a great choice if you want good looking vibrant icons. It offers 925+ beautiful icons. It also has support for 15 launchers and 28 material design wallpapers included.

7. Morecast
Morecast is a weather app with beautiful design, good functionality and very accurate weather forecast. You can look at a rain radar, compare 2 places or look at the route weather map. There are good looking graphs which help you to better understand all the data. Also available for IOS.

8. Smart Wallpaper
Smart Wallpaper can change your wallpaper without you having to do anything. You can set it to change with the weather, time, day, month, Wi-Fi network or at random. Combined with wxllpaper this can add variety to your phone.

9. Avast Cleanup
Avast Cleanup is a simple tool to free space on your phone. It works by deleting the cache and thumbnail pictures which can be very big. It also helps to uninstall big or unused files and apps.

10. Notifly
Notifly helps you with managing your chat notifications. If you get a new notification it creates a round floating icon. If you tap this icon it opens a popup with your new messages. You can answer them right from there or go to the app.

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