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Concussions in the NFL

Preventing concussions

I play american football myself and I have had a concussion already so I wanted to know what is done against them. I really liked the results of this research so I wanted to share them with you. I hope you also like the results. I put them into some chapters starting with the helmets.

In the beginning of football the helmets were only meant to protect from skull fractures, but now they more and more protect from concussions. First of all they have air cushions instead of plastic and rubber ones so they have a better fit and the head stops slower when it is hit. The newest model of the Riddell helmets even has a slit in the front so the helmet can change its shape in order to protect from concussions. All in all the NFL has payed over 20 million dollars to improve the technology. Continue reading Concussions in the NFL

The effects of group sports

Sportacrobatics, Chearleading or Rock `n` Roll dance… all these sports that I have just listed are group sports. Group sports have been a really big part of my life since I was only four years old, Sportacrobatics is my favorite one. In this text I will list a few effects that being in a group sport can have and why I would definitely recommend taking up a group sport.

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A Year Abroad – Go for it!

Spending a year in another country is great for several reasons. You get to meet new people, experience a different culture, create memories for a lifetime and have the pleasant side effect of constantly improving your language skills.

Attending high-school abroad automatically comes with running into loads of new people. However, how easy is it to make the right friends when not really knowing anyone? Continue reading A Year Abroad – Go for it!


Why do people take drugs at all, even though they exactly know drugs are not for their body? If people have problems in life as every human, they want to get rid of it but sometimes it is not as easy as it might look like. These people start drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana to forget the bad things, which happened in the past.

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