Why do people take drugs at all, even though they exactly know drugs are not for their body? If people have problems in life as every human, they want to get rid of it but sometimes it is not as easy as it might look like. These people start drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana to forget the bad things, which happened in the past.

We all know what drugs are. We know the bad and the good impacts the but what are they exactly and what do they do with your body?

At a closer look we call every medicine a drug. A drug is a drug as long you can get addicted to it. What exactly is a drug? So a drug is any chemical you take that effects the way your body works. Alcohol, caffeine, aspirin; these are all drugs. If you once start to consume any drugs your body always wants more of this specific drug; you get addicted.

So there a many different ways of taking a drug for example pills, injections, joints and powder. The most famous drug in a pill format is ecstasy. Heroin is the only drug that you apply through an injection. Marijuana is actually a dried plant which you smoke. Last but not least cocaine in a white powder which you sniff through your nose.

There are many different types of drugs and they all have a completely different way to effect on your body.

Of course drugs do also have bad side effects, which can be very dangerous and can lead to serious problems. The most common side effect of a drug is the addiction. Other side effects occur very quickly after consumption these can cause anxiety, hallucinations, sleepless nights etc.

Now we already know a lot of drugs but how does the drug work?

The drugs must pass directly in your brain and there it changes the message which the cells want to send to each other. Before all that the drug enters the bloodstream.

Think before you decide to take drugs.

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