Phones and social media

We live in the year 2016 and almost everyone has got a phone and is somehow in some way connected to social media.

There are already so many social media applications that you can either download on to your phone or tablet and there are the ones you can login online, although most of the online social media websites already have their own app anyway.

As I have mentioned before there are hundreds of apps like Instagram, Facebook, snapchat or WhatsApp. Many of them simply have the purpose of contacting your friends to send them pictures, but the most popular apps like snapchat or Instagram are just a completely new way of interacting with strangers.

Talking about strangers, the people that sometimes hide behind a username or a picture on social networks, are often bullies or perverts that want to harass others. That’s why it has become so essential for all people to handle all their personal information with great wariness. The internet or any platform connected to it, is no save place for personal and important information.

Let’s not only talk about the bad sides of these interactive applications, they are definitely a great way of communicating with others and also in some way, of being creative. There are so many possibilities for taking a picture or making a video and different ways to filter or cut it, in order to share it.

The phone has become a multi-tasking device, it is partly camera, video camera, computer, telephone, calculator, planner and more things that can help handle your live.

Above are mentioned a few social network apps and I want to focus on them a little more; Let’s take snapchat for example. Its main idea was to take a picture and send it to a friend or to add it to your story and then to be able to see it for a few seconds, but the developers of other popular apps of course want to catch up with everyone else and always want to be better and have more extras.

Another point why social network has become such a great part of our lives, is simply a possibility of communication, getting to know new people, or simply to interact. These are just main ideas of human behaviour and the telephone and the internet have fully taken over these needs and aspects of people.



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