Schoolbooks as E-books?

Schoolbooks as E-books?

Next school year, all the books that are needed for school, math books, science books and music books, will be available as e-books for all students. That means every student gets the usual books for every subject as every year, including a free online e-book version.

When I first heard of that, I was quite skeptical, because, in my opinion, it’s not healthy when everything happens with the help of machines and electricity.
But after thinking about the idea a bit more, I really started to like it. Me and every other student, won’t have to carry around the books anymore for doing our homework, but we can simply find the numbers online.

I really hate when my schoolbag is stuffed and heavy, lots of kids and teens get problems with their backs and this “solution” will make things a lot easier.

I also think this idea should be improved and established in all middle-schools, high-schools and I think also in universities.

If you study for example let’s say economics you’ll not only have to spend lots of money for the classes and university but also for the materials you have to buy.

You could download these e-books on a kindle or iPad and if you possess such a device you can not only use it for looking up numbers for homework, but for saving a quote, page, number or text that you’ll need again sometime or is just very useful.

Another reason why I find this is a good idea, is for environmental reasons. Maybe one day we won’t have to cut down trees for schoolbooks or notebooks that we throw away at the end of the year.
We can keep forests and therefore get better air.
That’s why I think, and I think it is possible, that one day, maybe it will even be just a few years, we can use electric devices such as mentioned above for school and studies.

Even if we recycle the books and notebooks and sketches that we throw away at the end of a semester or school year the recycling process is expensive and wastes more energy and resources.

I do not want to say that all books like novels or vest sellers should not be printed anymore, I love reading a good book and smelling the scent of new paper and feeling the cover and pages of a book.

I simply want to reduce the waste and damage, for the environment.




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