Why I like traveling so much!

I have always loved traveling. This is not surprising, as my first plane ride took place when I was only 6 months old. In this text I would like to convince you that traveling, though often very expensive, is worth the money and effort. I remember my first long flight to Asia very well (I was 4 years old). I was scared and didn’t totally understand what was happening. But when I got out of the plane a new and very different world lay before me. From that moment on was hooked.  I wanted to see the world, wanted to visit the undiscovered.

When traveling you get to know new places and cultures, you would have never dreamed of. You are able to find out how other people live, what their traditions and values are and how their society is structured. If you have the chance the best way to get to know a culture is to interact with local people.  It’s a great way of sharing opinions, getting to know daily routines and lifestyles.

Often it is only when you see how precious water is in other countries that you notice how lucky we are in Austria. The same goes for food, air, safety and education. Many of us take it for granted that we go to school and most of us complain about it. Once you have travelled to countries where children have to work to support their families, you will be happy to have been given a chance to learn.

Most importantly travelling is a great way to develop global friendship. Having friends all around the world has many advantages. For instance it’s a great way to learn new languages. You also get to know new ideas, better ways of doing things that might not work so well in your own country

While traveling you also get an insight to what life is like in other countries, not only positive things but also negative ones. You get a better understanding of what life is like in the world in general and you are able to help! Once you have travelled you are able to inform people in your own country about worldwide problems. You can set up projects to help people with a lower standard of living.

Travelling develops global partnership and responsibility, topics which are very important at the moment!

After reading this blog I hope you understand why I think travelling is worth all the effort and time!

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