Inhale… Exhale…

Some people use it as a kind of workout because it mainly trains core strength, muscle endurance and balance.  But for me, personally, yoga has a far deeper meaning.

Zoning out, forgetting everything around you, at the same time focusing on your breathing and every single movement. I have been practicing yoga for 2 years now and it has made me be more aware of my senses and has helped me to move in a more controlled way. It tests your patience because no position and no flow can be mastered right away. You have to try and try. It might take a long time and you have to get through a whole lot of emotional distress and failure. At some point you will question your abilities and you will question why you are doing this to yourself when you could be sitting on your couch.

Yoga demands a lot of determination and willpower to reach your goals no matter what hindrances you have to cope with. I think it is a beautiful journey every single time. You learn that failure is alright and nothing to be ashamed of because it is all part of your journey. You strive for your goal and sometimes you might reach your limits but your will learn that this word you like to use “limit” is just an imagination because you can overcome them and once you become aware of this you will be amazed how much you can actually do if you put enough effort in it.

A good way to support your spirit while practicing yoga is meditation. It clears your mind from excess or unnecessary thoughts and makes you focus on the things that really matter and it also makes you happier and helps you cope with other stress better. A lot of people that are in high positions and work up to 80 hours a week use meditation as a way of relief. By chanting you can almost bring your mind to a trance like state in which you only focus on a single thing and after some time you might actually even master to focus on nothing but your breathing.

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