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Are people addicted to their mobile devices?

Nowadays, when you take the bus or walk around the city, you’ll quickly notice that a lot of people are running around staring at their phones not paying attention what’s happening around them. Especially adolescents constantly use their phones. To be honest, I’m probably a prime example of this group. My mother always asks me why I don’t talk to the people around me, why I always have to communicate with the people that are not around. Usually I ignore her or role my eyes. But thinking about it now, she’s totally right. Continue reading Are people addicted to their mobile devices?

Every Student’s Worst Enemy


What would you say is stopping you the most from being successful in school? Teachers who have their favorites? Jealous pupils? No. It’s procrastination. You can’t imagine how many days I’ve procrastinated writing this post and how much time I’ve spent on the internet looking at procrastination memes to prepare to write this text.

I’m sure every one of you has procrastinated at least once, whether it was doing homework, studying for a test or cleaning your room. Right now I am procrastinating studying for my Maths exam, Continue reading Every Student’s Worst Enemy