Bull Fights

Fighting against bulls and killing them afterwards in public is the main concept of the very old but (sadly) famous tradition in Spain and in other Spanish-speaking countries. It’s nothing but cruel for the bulls and it’s also dangerous for the people combating.

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I’d like to start off by describing the procedure the bulls have to go through. First, the locals or the fighters usually take a little walk with the animal through the city-center so everybody can see it. Already there the people provoke the bull;  for example by pushing him through crowds and splashing water onto him (the bulls are thirsty and hungry because they are not fed before the fight).

In the arena the real torture begins. The fight consists of three parts: In the first part the “toreros” (the people fighting) provoke the bull with their piece of cloth (waving it around in front of him). In the first two parts the “bandarilleros” hurt the animal with metal sticks that stick in its neck. In this part of the fight the bull loses a lot of blood and strength which makes it easier fo
r the “matador” to kill the bull with his knife afterwards.

The most outrageous thing that can happen to a dead bull afterwards, in my opinion, is that if the animal was very resistant and strong during the fight, he is being pulled through the arena as a sign of honor and respect. I wouldn’t want to be honored like that if I died!

In general, it is very uncommon for bulls to leave the arena alive! If they really survive, they are taken to a slaughterhouse where they are finally killed (the injuries would usually be too severe to be cured anyway).

Some toreros, the “Caballeros”, are always on a horse. When the bull is very aggressive it can really hurt the horse although it is protected a bit.torero

As you can see now, bullfighting is disgustingly cruel for the bulls and sometimes the horses and it’s dangerous for the “toreros”. In Barcelona it is already forbidden but in Madrid for example there is still a very large arena (“Las Ventas”) where approximately 23 000 viewers can watch bull fights every week!


If you want to do something against bull fights share this article, tell your friends about it and the most important thing: don’t go to the arenas to watch it so they don’t get any money from YOU. If you want to do something from home just sign petitions from animal rights organizations against bull fights.

Click on the link to sign: https://www.animalequality.net/node/709

Only if we unite, we can be strong together to fight animal cruelty!

Thanks for reading till the end and don’t forget to share this important topic with your friends!

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