The 5 Best Exotic Pets

Pets can be a wonderful addition to one’s life and often bring great joy to their owners. For some people however, the common pets are just not suitable. This can have a variety of reasons, ranging from an allergy to just not liking them. Another reason to not choose a “normal” pet could also simply be an interest in a specific, exotic animal.
Unfortunately, most exotic animals are very hard to keep or should not be kept as pets at all, for example foxes or big cats.

Here is a list of five exotic animals, that are relatively easy to keep and still special:

  • The African Pigmy Hedgehog
    As the name suggests, these little cuties are usually found in the dry African Grasslands. Much like the hedgehogs we know, their diet consists of insects, eggs, small birds, fruits and mushrooms. They are nocturnal and hibernate from June to September. They look a lot like our wild hedgehogs too, just a little bit smaller and lighter in color.

African Pigmy Hedgehogs should be kept alone and in an enclosure of at least 120x60x60 cm, though bigger is always better. In addition, they need extra exercise outside of their enclosure, in a secured area.
In conclusion, African Pigmy Hedgehogs are perfect for people who are away during the day and still want to interact with their animals. However, if you are not okay with live-feeding, this animal may not be right for you.
If you want more info on the African Pigmy Hedgehog as a pet, click here:

  • The Sugar Glider

Of all these animals, sugar gliders may be one of the hardest to keep. They need a very big cage, in length, width and height. A good minimum for a pair of Gliders is 2×2 meters, as a base area, and 3 meters in height, though bigger is always better. Their diet is equally challenging, since they need a very specific amount of different nutrients that you have to supply: protein from live chicks, vitamins from fresh fruit, yogurt with live cultures and more.

So, these fascinating little animals are perfect for people who are willing to spend a lot of time and money. By keeping a pet this special they will get an extraordinary little companion in return.
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  • Skunk
    When you think of a good pet, a skunk is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, when they are kept right, they can make a great animal.
    Before getting a skunk, you should be aware that they might be illegal to own in your country. Next to the complex requirements in terms of enclosure and food that almost all exotic animals have, they also have the very “unique problem” of being able to secrete a very bad smell from their scent glands which should not be removed.
    Skunks are ideal for anyone who wants an intelligent, extraordinary pet and is willing to put in the work and effort.
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  • Bearded Dragon Lizard
    With their dragon-like look, these reptiles sure make for a very special pet. In addition, contrary to most other exotic animals, they are not too hard to care for. Their terrarium should be about 150x100x80cm, in size, and well equipped, in terms of light, warmth, housing, etc. The Bearded Dragon’s diet consists of fresh greens such as salad and live insects. With proper care, they can live for up to 15 years.
    Though they might seem like a beginner pet, be sure to inform yourself properly about the needs of this special animal, so both you and your dragon will have a good life together.
    More info here:

  • Axolotl
    Though they look adorable, Axolotls may not be the right pet for you, if you want to interact with your animal a lot. These little salamanders need to be kept in an aquarium that is well equipped, kept at the right temperature, rather large and, of course, cleaned regularly.

Their dietary requirements are also not that simple to fulfill, since they are soley carnivores and need a balanced diet of live insects and larva.
If you are up to the challenge, they can be wonderful little pets to watch and care for.
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No matter which animal you end up choosing, exotic or not, be sure to think about your decision well. Inform yourself properly and make sure that you will be able to care for the animal for their entire life. Your future animal will thank you.


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