We should help all women to get more rights!

Some weeks ago I read the astonishing book “I am Malala“. After reading it I started to think about it and I decided to write a blog about women’s rights and how we can promote this idea.

So if I take the book “I am Malala“ as an example I should start by giving you some background information on her. She’s a girl, born in Afghanistan and some years ago had to move to England because she almost lost her life. This was because she was fighting for women’s rights and the Taliban didn’t want that (and still don’t) and so they shot her in the head. I think everyone has at least heard of Malala and her story, if not then you had better read this book, because I think especially for the younger generation it’s important for us to know about these brave people, who are risking their lives, to make a change in the world. Malala, she was just fifteen years old! Fifteen years, can you believe how brave this girl was/is?

I also think that we should appreciate going to school and feel fortunate that we have the right to get an education. Others have to fight for it. So please don’t say “I hate going to school!” Or become one of those people who doesn’t even go, because you don’t have the desire to. I have to be honest, sometimes I also say “I really don’t want to go”, but we have to be thankful we have the opportunity to go.

stock-photo-school-books-on-desk-education-concept-213333985Especially women should get an education as a way of becoming independent, because if you have a good education and you always attended school, you will have a better chance of getting a good job and earning enough money to provide for yourself. I think it’s not right if you rely on your husband and on his earnings. Maybe in the first couple of years you will enjoy it , but what if you husband leaves you? Imagine you have wasted yourtime by not attending school, so now you don’t have knowledge and can’t go to work, and your husband has left you. If you ask me, I would never want to be in a situation like this. Would you?

Are you thinking about it?

Great! Because I kindly ask you to help women to get an education. You can talk with your friends about it, write an article to a newspaper agency or take part in demonstrations. Convince people of your idea of equality among genders.

Be a voice, please!

I also try to help women who can’t get an education. I talk a lot with people about it, read books concerning rights for education (like “I am Malala”) and I write blogs and keep myself informed on what is happening around the world.

So now I hope you appreciate your rights.

Thanks! 🙂


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