I’m sure you’ve heard about the different conflicts going on around the world and terrorist attacks that have happened in the last couple of months. But does that mean that we should live in fear of another war starting soon?

No! Most of the wars going on around the world are civil wars or local conflicts which of course doesn’t justify them or make them “better”. However, their impact on the whole world is much smaller than a war between nations. Why aren’t there more wars, why don’t more nations start attacking each other?

There are a few different reasons, one of them is globalization, it makes more sense to trade with each other than to attack and claim other’s land or take what is needed by force. Another reason is democracy a lot of new leaders want to be reelected and war is getting less and less popular.

There are still a lot of conflicts going on and terrorist groups that might make you feel scared, but the chances are very slim of being affected by these conflicts or organizations. As long as there is an international criminal court for war crimes and so called “rules” about what nations are allowed to do and what they aren’t we should feel safe. Of course some rules are still broken, but it is becoming harder to so.

I think it’s possible that war could be a thing of the past. Seeing how we have the longest time of peace ever and we have had only 2 major wars in the last century. So, if we don’t have a major war in 50-70 years than war could actually be over. Although, who knows what the future might hold or what new conflicts might arise. So war might not be over completely but at least for now we are on the right track.



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