Germany’s Next Topmodel

Are you following the show “Germany’s Next Topmodel“? The show is currently on season 11. This year the jury consists of Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalski.

This year they decided to split the 20 girls up into two teams – Team Thomas and Team Michael. I don’t think that this was the best idea because when there are only 2 contestants left on one team they can’t just kick out one of them, because it would be unfair for one team to only have one member left. In the past years the contestants advancement only depended on the performance and the strength a model had in the past week, but in the current season this doesn’t seem to matter as much, because the teams need to stay balanced. Also I think that when there were no teams the candidates were rated more equally, because now of course the team leader doesn’t treat the other team the same way he treats his own.

One thing is absolutely better about this season: the girls are not so extremely thin. In the previous seasons the models were nothing but skin and bones. I mean, in this one they’re still very thin, but it has gotten better. My opinion is that being too skinny is not even beautiful anymore, and additionally it has a negative influence on the audience of this show, because they then think just because these people on TV have such a shape they have to have it too, which is definitely not true!

What do you think of the new season of Germany’s Next Topmodel?
In general I can recommend Germany’s Next Topmodel because it’s entertaining and exciting!

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