Warning, deadly disease attacking Europe

Dear people,

Today I will talk about a disease that really scares me. It is the disease that creates a border between the citizens of the world. A disease that has caused wars and the deaths of many people all over the world.  I’m talking about the disease that can affect each and every one of us and destroy our world really easily.  The disease I’m talking about has a name everybody knows,                                             Racism

I think that racism is caused by the fear of new things, different cultures and the aim to keep one’s traditional values held high. Racism has spread all over the world and the numbers of racists is growing at a rapid rate because of the refugee crisis.                                 People are scared of the refugees taking over their country, stealing their goods or raping their wives and daughters. This is the reason why Radical right-wing parties like the FPÖ in Austria or the AFD in Germany are gaining more and more power. They will continue gaining more and more power until the refugees are treated equally and are distributed equally throughout the countries in Europe.

But what can we do to stop this weird disease called racism?                  I think that you should help the refugees, listen to their stories and make them feel welcome. You should help them integrate into our society. If we help them now, they might be able to help us in the future. I think that a child should be raised to not see a difference between black or white because peoples’ differences should be seen through their actions and not in the colour of their skin, their religion or their beliefs.


3 thoughts on “Warning, deadly disease attacking Europe”

  1. Dear Sam!

    I really like your text! The topic you are talking about is very topical and important and I definitely agree that there has to be done something to stop racism.

  2. Dear Sam,
    I totaly agree to your opinions and that this is a very serious topic. People should be more respectful towards refugees, nobody actually knows what they have been through!

  3. Wow, your introduction is incredible! I wouldn’t have thought that the disease you were writing about, is racism. With this catchy beginning you immediately caught my attention, and I fully agree with you. Refugees should not be treated like wild animals who have no sense of human beings.
    You are right, one single person could already change a lot, by just listening or talking to them.
    I hope that your article will have some effect on the people,
    yours Sophia

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