School – is it too much?

Don’t you just want to sit down and relax after a long day of school?  Yeah, me too. But then you remember this annoying text you have to write for your French class or those stupid graphs you have to draw for Math and, not to forget, the Biology test you have to study for! I am sure every student knows what I am talking about.

Why is it necessary to give homework, when the exact same topic has been discussed in class? Sure, there are some students who need the extra work to catch up or to improve their grades, but for most students it is just exhausting. Homework is really a pain in the neck when you have no time, for example due to a doctor’s appointment, sports class or any other after-school activity. Sometimes I feel like teachers don’t know that students have a life outside of the school building. Or they just don’t care.

But to give the teachers some credit, it’s not like they can go home and relax either. They have to prepare the upcoming lessons, create tests and in addition to that, they have to correct homework. But whose fault is that? Definitely not the student’s fault, since I know not one who enjoys doing their homework. How about this: If the teachers gave students less homework to do, they would have less homework to correct.

Another point which is not very pleasant for students is, no matter how many tests we have, there are still those teachers who give loads of homework nonetheless. Not even the students asking nicely makes a different (no surprise there but it was worth a try).

Not to forget the teachers who give homework over the holidays or long weekends. I mean, most teachers understand that students just need a break but there is still one or another teacher being like, “Just write a small text describing the exact functions and chemical processes of the small intestine, four-hundred words! Oh come on, it only sounds lIke a lot, I could do that in fifteen minutes!” It’s just no fun, having our weekend destroyed like that. And I’ve got to say, the most popular teachers are still those who give homework only once in a while (hint-hint).

But enough about that, homework surely does have some positive aspets…which I haven’t encountered yet except for my new found skill of being able to write a 150 words text in the ten minute break!

Share your opinion on homework. How much do your teachers give you? Write it in the comment section!

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