Playing Fifa

Today I want to tell you about something I really like to do in my free time: Fifa. You don´t like to play it, well here are some reasons why you should!

To start off, I want to talk about the social aspect of playing Fifa. It just brings people together. If you play football you have also most probably heard or played Fifa. Via the internet you can connect yourself with your friends and play together. You can meet up after school and have a good time with them and the game.

To give further reasons, did you know that it also trains your brain? You need a deft hand to say with aplomb you can play the video game. The way it trains your brain is actually quite simple, when you play you have to look at the screen, not at your hands. This means you train your brain to do a sort of multitasking; you have to understand what is going on while your hands have to work automatically.

Studies have shown that gamers can remember more easy numbers or vocab in school. They have extremely fast hands and can more quickly understand things. Gamers can react more rapidly and have the ability to concentrate themselves better than people who don´t play Fifa or any other games.

Last but actually the best thing about playing Fifa is the fact it is just fun. You will never know the feeling of wining against you best friend, if you don´t play try it out at some point. It is incredible to score beautiful goals against your friends, it also is extremely fun to play with all the famous players you probably only know from television.

To end this blog I will repeat the 3 main points; playing Fifa brings people together, it trains your brain and your hand/finger reactions, and lastly it is extremely fun.

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