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Warning, deadly disease attacking Europe

Dear people,

Today I will talk about a disease that really scares me. It is the disease that creates a border between the citizens of the world. A disease that has caused wars and the deaths of many people all over the world.  I’m talking about the disease that can affect each and every one of us and destroy our world really easily.  The disease I’m talking about has a name everybody knows,                                             Racism Continue reading Warning, deadly disease attacking Europe

Lets go White Sox


Now it’s finally come! The MLB (Major League Baseball) season has started! But what does this mean to the Chicago White Sox?

The White Sox won five games straight from April 23 to April 27, making the Blue Jays look old, before loosing back-to-back games in Batlimore on the 28th and 29th. But, Chicago came back in the final two match ups of the series, scoring a slim 8-7 victory on the last Saturday and a confidence-boosting win on Sunday. So, yeah, Chicago lost twice last week, but they also came back in a big way. All together I think that this will be a great season for the Chicago White Sox. Last year they came fourth but I think that they even have a chance of getting third this season.

Of course, we don’t know how the season will end for the Sox, but for now keep on shouting: ” White Sox, White Sox, go,go, go,go”

Are you a big Sox fan as well?