My Views on Honesty

Every child is told by its parents to tell the truth. Being truthful is actually moral in the human society. I mean, even in the ten commandments it says: You must not lie. So one could say humanity started to tell the truth right from the start, which would mean that lying would turn around this whole society. I was told that lies rip apart friends, destroy families and other bonds. That lies would destroy governments, cause the apocalypse… that lies will send you straight to hell. So let me be honest:

This world, this humanity, our whole society is based on lies. Maybe the humans where truthful once and there were only a few liars, but that has changed. If the people would start telling the truth now, it would destroy families, friendships, governments and societies. We have built up such a perfect world out of illusions that, when it breaks down, humanity will go crazy. I mean, all tragic physiological events in history where reveals of big lies.

Everybody wants to hear the truth but when everybody is being honest, they don’t. The truth hurts. This is probably why we built up our world of illusions; to reduce pain. What we don’t think about is the reveals of these lies. And don’t tell me that some lies won’t be discovered. They all are. I don’t deny that it is a tragic dilemma: either you tell the truth and hurt someone, or you don’t and “save” them for a moment. Or let’s take another example: A government or a politician. They lie to gain followers, power, money or whatever humanity craves for. So if they don’t lie they probably won’t gain anything because I have as much faith in humanity to don’t vote for a person that tells you: “I’m going to use your money for my personal pleasures, I’m totally going to abuse my power and I’m racist”. And if they lie the get what they want but will ruin themselves because, you know: The big reveal that shakes the ground of the shocked humanity and its morals.

This all might sound very depressing but it’s just me, being honest, revealing my thoughts about this world. I’m not saying that we will die tomorrow because we tell you teachers that the dog ate your homework, but I’m just warning you. Be careful what you say truthfully, but be especially careful what you lie about.

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