The Mandela effect

There are unexplained phenomena that some of you might have already experienced without knowing what they´re called, and these phenomena have been catching people’s attention lately. Basically “Mandela effects” are incidents that happened and that people remember in a certain kind of way but these things actually never happened or happened completely differently. The so called Mandela effect is also very similar to Fake News. This is a kind of false memory effect where people simply remember things the wrong way.

It´s called the Mandela effect because a whole bunch of people remember Nelson Mandela dying while he was still in prison in the 80´s. People also remember that his death was on December 5th in 2013, and claimed to have seen video clips of his funeral on TV.

These false memories have some people thinking that their memory is bad but other people think that they´ve gone to a parallel universe or that someone has managed to travel through time. Their theory is that someone went back to the past and changed little things which now affect our present. Whatever it is, the interesting thing about the Mandela effect is that so many individuals have the same false memories.

I have two favorite Mandela effects. One of them is about the Berenstein Bears. Or is that even what they are called? People can remember reading this book when they were young and all of them were 100% sure that the name of the book was “The Berenstein Bears”. However, if you look now, the book title says “The Berenstain Bears” A lot of people insist that they remember this book being spelled with an “e” instead of an “a”. One Redditor even found an old VHS tape of the cartoon version and the label clearly says “Berenstein”.

Another favorite Mandela effect of mine is about Snow white. I never really believed in the Mandela effect but after hearing about this one I freaked out completely. I´m sure a lot of you are familiar with the famous quote “Mirror, mirror on the wall”, well that never existed. It turns out that the line is “Magic mirror on the wall”. At first no one really believed in it but when they went back to old VHS tapes or movies the Queen actually never said “Mirror, mirror on the wall”. I think that this actually convinced a lot of people that the Mandela effect actually exists.

Personally I don´t believe in the Mandela effect. However, even I found myself realizing that I memorized a lot of these incidences differently.

Thanks for reading my blog post and maybe next time when you have a little time to pass just look up some Mandela effects and see if you can remember some things differently.

Hannah Hayat-Dawoodi

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