Why you should start doing sport

Could you imagine life without doing sport? Not me, that would be impossible.

In this blog I will tell you why you should start doing sport. You think that lying on the couch watching a series is fun? Wrong! Meet with your friends and get active. A short run a day or just a few sit ups; start small and do more every time. You will realise that after a few weeks doing sport you will feel more healthy and awake.

I know how you feel now, there is this big question mark in you head. Why should I do sport when I could just relax at home? It´s been five years now since I really started doing sport, my sister was the one who motivated me to join the Ultimate Frisbee club. Ever since then I haven´t been able to stop. I have three training sessions a week and I sometimes do a workout at home. On the weekends I´m mostly at frisbee tournaments. I know this sounds like a lot but it´s not. Time flies when you’re having fun. So, why not do something which is fun and good for your body?

It only takes that one step to start, and at the beginning you will be like do I have to do this? But don´t stop! The feeling after, that feeling of achievement is worth it. Then you can be proud of yourself, proud that you´ve done something for your health!

To bring sport activities into your life follow these three steps:

  1. Motivate a friend of yours to join you, together it is more fun.
  2. Set a goal that you would like to achieve.
  3. Focus on how you will feel after, it´s worth it.

Start doing sport and you will see the difference it makes in your life. For me it was that I feel more fit and healthy.

Comment below about what sport you do and why you like it so much!

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