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What happened to Formula 1?

On the 20th of March the Formula 1 season 2016 started. Ten years ago everybody would have gotten up at 6am on Sunday to watch the first race of the season. But today nobody talks about F1 anymore. The TV ratings have fallen drastically over the last years. But why is that so? Let`s talk about some possible reasons!

An obvious reason is that the two Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have dominated the scenes over the last 2 years. There is no tension over who will win a race or who will be the world champion, because it`s already clear anyway that one of the Mercedes drivers will win.

Another reason is that the F1 has transitioned away from a driver against driver competition to a competition about who has the fastest car and the best engineers. The people want to see wheel banging, impact between drivers, and want the best driver to be world champion and not the team which has the best car.

F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone has spoken about revolutionizing the sport for the last few years but nothing has happened. The Grand Prix organizers can`t afford Ecclestone`s high financial conditions because there are fewer and fewer people coming to races. If nothing changes many F1 teams will go bankrupt and soon Formula 1 will become extinct.

A Movie That Everyone Will Want to See… (Maybe)… (Probably Not)


Peacock- zombies vs. Paris Hilton’s long lost Chihuahua.

This idea just popped in to my head when I was drawing a pony on a math-test I took in primary school and which I forgot to return.

I also have some ideas for the title (“The Peacockalypse” or “Jurassic Bark”) and I also thought about who I want in the cast: Continue reading A Movie That Everyone Will Want to See… (Maybe)… (Probably Not)

Junk Food

Is there a reason why the US has better junk food than Austria or is God just trying to punish us? Every time I’m in the States, I just can’t get enough of the awesome food they have and it bugs the heck out of me that I can’t find any of my favorites in Austria. What’s up with that?
Take Doritos for example, Austria has finally managed to put three kinds of Doritos on the market but of course the best one is missing – Nacho Cheese! Don’t you just love it when the orange powder sticks to your fingers? I mean they even make it in party size! Who wants to  party without Doritos? The same thing goes for Cheez-Itz, exactly what a party needs.  Continue reading Junk Food