Junk Food

Is there a reason why the US has better junk food than Austria or is God just trying to punish us? Every time I’m in the States, I just can’t get enough of the awesome food they have and it bugs the heck out of me that I can’t find any of my favorites in Austria. What’s up with that?
Take Doritos for example, Austria has finally managed to put three kinds of Doritos on the market but of course the best one is missing – Nacho Cheese! Don’t you just love it when the orange powder sticks to your fingers? I mean they even make it in party size! Who wants to  party without Doritos? The same thing goes for Cheez-Itz, exactly what a party needs.  doritos logo
There’s a simple answer to all of my problems, the Austrians just have to start selling better junk food here! Another thing missing is the chocolaty goodness called Hershey’s. I know that Austria has lots of good chocolates but Hershey’s is just soooo much better than anything sold in this country.
Not just some of the foods are missing in Austria in my opinion a lot of stores should start opening here too. I mean if India can have a Target, so can we. Even Costco, a store you can literally buy everything from birth to death in (they sell baby diapers and urns all in one place) has spread worldwide. They’ve even opened in Japan but of course not in Austria. They even give you free samples of food! I mean seriously, where in the world can you actually arrive at the store with an empty stomach and leave with a full one? At Costco’s of course! Not once have I gotten a free sample of anything in Austria! Come on Austria, keep up with the demands of the people!
And what’s up with no free refills at restaurants? What if I’m just a thirsty person and need more to drink than others? I can’t help that but Austria makes me pay for every single drink I consume.
¿ ¿ ¿ Pero por que???

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