“What We have done to our Planet is Criminal”

I have often heard sentences like that and I am sure you have too, but as it is generally known, it is always easier to complain about things, rather than to actually do something about them Especially concerning Global Warming or Climate Change, whatever you want to call it. Global Warming is without a doubt a major issue for all of us, and not only for those who are currently witnessing it. Because no matter if you want it or not, we are all part of this world and we ought to prevent it from falling apart.

This is also why I am writing this blog post right now, because there are still, in this very moment, more than enough people, like US President Donald Trump, who claim that something like Climate Change doesn’t even exist and I want everybody, who reads this post to become aware of its presence after finishing it.

In my opinion, people, who don’t believe in Global Warming are just too scared to admit that it would also partly be their fault and that’s why they just act as if it didn’t exist at all., Of course, there might also be other reasons why they don’t particularly believe in Global Warming, but this is just the way I picture it. Once you are aware that Global Warming is a real thing, and I am sure many of you, sitting in front of your tablet, computer, mobile phone, etc. reading this blog post, are perfectly aware of it, you can’t just sit there and mourn the chances we missed and the things that we, the human race, have destroyed.

In this case, there is no time for feeling sorry for yourself or for all of us humans, because everybody can make the world a bit better, without much effort. It’s the small things that can make a big difference. For example, I think that taking the bike, or using the public transport system every now and then, instead of going by car, isn’t that hard and it is already a tiny step leading to a better world. This last sentence might sound a bit poetic, but it is in fact true. It is as a matter of fact clear to me that nobody can think of our planet at all times, including me. Of course, I also tend to leave the light on longer than it is really needed, because I guess that’s just what people do. Something you should definitely pay attention to is the usage of products that contain palm oil. The reasons for that are explained precisely Leonie’s blog post.

One of my favorite quotes of the current Dalai Lama expresses really well what I want you to grasp:

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito!”

And with this quote I want to end this post, although I know for sure that Global Warming is a huge topic, which has many other different aspects that I haven’t covered so far, but I would be very pleased if you would add them in the comments. So, dear readers, first of all thanks for reading and secondly I am always open to any comment, so feel free and add what comes to your mind!

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