Travelling these days is way easier than a few years ago, but where to go is a difficult decision. Together with my grandma and my cousins, I travel to a different place every summer. There are tons of beautiful places all around the world and every year, we don’t know where to go. To make it easier for you, here are some of them:  


Queensland, Australia 

Queensland is one of the most beautiful places in Australia. With many beaches and tropical climate, it’s perfect for surfers. The people are the nicest and most chill you’ll ever meet and with a bit of luck, you’ll see many incredible animals like kangaroos. Alongside the friends you’ll make, you’ll also eat loads of barbecous and experience an incredible accent. The only problem, it’s very expensive to travel to Australia but once you’ve saved up enough money, I would recommend to travel through more of Australia and drive around for longer than just a week.


Faaker Lake, Austria

The Faaker Lake in Carinthia is known to be the clearest lake with the most drinkable water in all of Austria. It is absolutely beautiful and cheap to go there because you can just drive there and within a few hours you’ll be there. Vacation in Austria is definitely not as bad as some might think, we have a lot of beautiful lakes!

Navagio Beach, Greece

The Navagio Beach in Greece looks like absolute paradise!

Greece is one of my favourite countries because they have amazing landscapes, food and people. Sadly, the beach is very small, therefore it’ll probably be packed in summer. But there are many more beautiful places to travel to in Greece!

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