My Christmas Story

As Christmas is approaching people tend to get into a hurry rather than calming down and having a great and joyful time with theri families and friends. Even though every year I try to settle down and enjoy the peaceful season, I get dragged into the shopping stress.

Yesterday , however my mood changed. On my way home from school I saw a little boy pulling a sleigh through the buisy city. He really caught my attention so I followed him. I almost lost him in the snowstorm but I still could see that he was covered up in thick wooly clothes. When the snowstorm slowly came to an end I could finally fully see him. He was wearing a red hat mith a white pom pom and a very warm Christmas pullover. It had a Snowman stiched onto it. He was also wearing a scarf which must have belonged to his father because it was way too long. This boy would fit just perfectly in a Christmas movie.

When I finally caught up with him I wanted to ask what he was doing a day before Christmas out in the cold alone. He just replied “follow me and you will find out”, So I followed him. We went through streets I had never gone through. Then he suddenly stopped. I asked what he was doing. But again he just said we have arrived. We were standing in front of an old lonely and very dark building for homeless and and people who did not have families. Then the boy wrote a little note saying “Merry Christmas” and then he walked away. On the next day I went back to the same old building and what I saw took my breath . The sleigh was for two little boys who had lost their mother a month ago. That really made my Christmas.

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