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My name is Elias. I love doing sports, listening to music (all different kinds), and I am very interessted in history. This is the first time I blog, so please correct me, if I did something wrong, or used incorrect information. I will write about : What if, at least once, but I will also write about something else, like sports.

What, if it weren’t for America

What would have happened, if America hadn’t been discovered by Columbus? This question might have been repeatedly asked by historians (or philosophers) countless times. I’m not a historian myself, but I too ask myself that question at least three times per week. Therefor I think this is a very interesting topic to write about.

Before I start, I just want to tell you that this is my OWN opinion. Continue reading What, if it weren’t for America

The Austrian presidential election

On Monday, the 23rd of May, the 9th president of the second republic in Austria was elected. That inspired me to write about the elections 2016.

You might have heard, that on the 22nd of May the new president of Austria was elected. All in all, Alexander van der Bellen is the 9th president in the second republic, which was founded in 1945 after the Second World Warded. Many voters say, that these elections were the most thrilling ones. Continue reading The Austrian presidential election