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American Football in Austria

Have you ever wondered if there are football leagues in other regions like Europe? Well the answer is  yes. For instance in Austria, it`s called the Austrian Football League (AFL) and I’m going to tell you a little bit about it.

Teams in the AFL. In the AFL there are 8 teams: The Graz Giants, the Vienna Vikings, the Danube Dragons, the Swarco Tirol Raiders, the Prague Black Panthers, the Mödling Rangers, the Blue Devils and the Ljubljana Silver Hawks. As you can see,  half of the AFL consists of Austrian teams, while the remaining teams come from Poland or other Countries. The Vienna Vikings dominated the AFL in the last couple of years, but there are two teams uprising right now, the Graz Giants and the Swarco Raiders. Both teams won every game till now and it looks like it will stay like that for some time. Continue reading American Football in Austria