The Importance of Staying Hydrated

We should drink a lot of water; we all know that. Our moms and grannies tell us to do so but what’s behind all this?

Our bodies need water in order to survive. Cells need it for individual reactions and no organ can work without it properly. To make it short: Water is essential for life.

The amount a person should drink always depends on the environment, climate, your physique and how much exercise you do a day. However as a rule of thumb you can say that 3 liters per day are a good and feasible amount in general.

For some people it’s the case that they are simply not thirsty and aren’t aware that they are dehydrated. The problem with this is that the less you drink, the less your body shows that it needs hydration.

Not every drink hydrates your body. Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks even detract liquid from your cells. Your body also needs more water to process sugary lemonades. The best thing you can do is to drink water or tea.

What exactly happens if you are dehydrated?

People tend to be very tired and sleepy and some can suffer from very bad headaches. Your skin will dry out and that will cause you quite some problems with your appearance. Having a dehydrated body can’t concentrate and from that your condition can change to an unwelcomed dizziness.

All these inconvenient problems can easily be avoided by simply drinking enough water.

The following tips might be useful for you:

Always bring a water bottle. In case you get sick of drinking plain water, just throw in some fruits or add some sugar free juice. This will make your drink more attractive for your brain.

Personally, I drink a lot of water. My mom literally coined the sentence: “You have to drink more!” And trust me: It was worth it.

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