Get On Your Feet

When you’re a kid and things go wrong, your mum or dad or some other relative does their best to sort it out, give you a hug, remind you you’re doing OK, just a little of back up and get you back on your feet. Because good parents back off slowly as you get older anyway. They know that if they don’t you’ll never learn to get back on your feet after a knock. And you do have to be able to get yourself back on your feet. Let’s take a further look at it.

You’ll take a few emotional knock in life. Basically, we all do. So, no worries. Just imagine  you are in the middle of a breakdown and there is no one by your side. What would you do? What would do if there is nobody on hand to help you recover?  Exactly, in the end you have to do it yourself. There is no way around.  Even after getting hurt and getting over it, there’s still that period of time where you have to teach yourself that it’s okay. When you realize you don’t need anyone else at all, means you nailed it. That’s a much safer way to through life isn’t it? Knowing that you can pick yourself up when you get knocked down. It’s a bit like giving up smoking; lots of people chew nicotine gum or wear patches when they try to quit. The ones who succeed are the ones who recognize it was all about illusion. Gums and patches did not do your giving up for you.  So don’t sit around waiting for someone else to make it all alright instead of you.  People are always going to let you down. Its tough, but it’s the reality.  If you are still reading this , just keep in your mind. You are capable of anything.

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